The ProprHandle makes it easier to hold and position your tablet device or phone.


A designed approach to life.

ProprThings are useful objects inspired by design solutions to everyday life.




The Story


Tools for you

I believe that the tools of our lives should conform to us and not the other way around.

Using modern tools of design, 3d-printing, testing and refinement, these ProprThings are honed to be useful, elegant, and simple solutions.

They are tools that solve simple, everyday challenges and circumstances we face in our modern lives.

Designed for Use

While living in Madagascar, I became fascinated by the approach to fixing, tinkering, and building things as you need them (known as 'ady gasy').

These experiences have inspired me to design tools that are simple, flexible, easy to use, and obvious to repair.



Built for Everyone

Not finding a suitable existing solution, I created the Propr Handle to make it easier to read books on my e-reader.

Based on the success of that product (you can still see the Kickstarter) — ProprThings was born.