Propr Things are useful, innovative objects inspired by design solutions to everyday life.

These are a few of the propr things in production. More on the way. Sign up to get updates.


Propr Handle

The accessory that started it all. The Propr Handle is a stand/handle that makes it easier to hold and position your tablet device or phone.


Coming Soon

Cable Organizer

Keep your cables, headphones, charging cords, and adapters organized and snug in one place. The design protects your cords while making it easy to retrieve them—untangled—when needed.


Coming Soon

Phone Prop

This simple prop is the size of a credit card and allows you to stand your phone at a convenient viewing or charging angle.


Coming Soon


Key Loop

The most compact way to carry your keys—this flat design means your items won't jingle around and make noise, and it fits nicely into this slim attractive profile that doesn't bulk up pockets or purses.



I believe that the tools of our lives should conform to us and not the other way around.

Propr Things are are a growing line of tools that solve simply, everyday challenges.

Using modern tools of design, 3d-printing, testing and refinement, these Propr Things are honed to be useful, elegant, and simple solutions.


The Story


I created the Propr Handle to make it easier to read books on my digital tablet and to essentially solve a problem in my own life.

Based on the success of that particular product (Kickstarter)—and more importantly in the approach to that problem—Propr Things was born.


The Approach


While living in Madagascar, I became fascinated by the approach to fixing, tinkering, and building things as you need them (known as 'ady gasy').

I researched innovative 'making' approaches for a Master's degree, and began to teach myself 3d design and development.

I helped the U.S. Peace Corps' Office of Innovation promote a global Maker movement, and I got the opportunity to travel and learn from many local cultures about their use of tools and technologies.

These experiences have inspired me to design tools that are simple, flexible, easy to use, and obvious to repair.