Propr Handle


The Propr Handle is an accessory that makes it easier to hold and position your tablet device or phone.



Extended reading or viewing on flatscreen devices becomes quickly uncomfortable and strains the muscles in your hands, arms, neck, and back.

The Propr Handle removes those strains and makes reading comfortable again.



You can position your device in a variety of ways, holding it with your hand, propping it on your wrist, or setting it on a table.

Make your device conform to the way that you want to read it—not the other way around.

Using the Propr Handle allows you to position your device any way that you want, to hold it in a variety of ways (and to switch it up when you get tired), and even to position your device at a convenient viewing angle when placed on any flat surface.


The Propr Handle is made to fit your flat devices regardless of whether it's a large tablet device or your smartphone.



The Propr Handle snaps on and off quickly and easily—just one hand is needed to rotate the suction disk into place securely!

And it's even easier to take off—twist it a half-turn and it pops off with no damage to your device.



I created this to solve an inconvenience I experienced everyday—I researched existing 'solutions' before embarking to create my own. I simply couldn't find something without considerable trade-offs on size, portability, comfort, or cost.

And you shouldn't settle for that either. There's nothing else like this on the market.



I tried many designs before finding the balance of convenience, flexibility, and functionality for the Propr Handle.

iterative copy.jpg


The Propr Handle was conceived, prototyped, and built through advances in 3d-printing. This ground-breaking method of design and manufacture is the 'how' of the Propr Handle going from idea to market.



The Propr Handle wouldn't have been possible without the amazing support of the folks who helped Kickstart it into reality.

This is only the beginning.